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How to Play Solitaire

Card game solitaire is just like any other basic solitaire game. The following is a list of instructions for how to play the game.

Card Game Solitaire Instructions

  • 1.) Drag a card onto any card of opposite suite and 1 greater value. Aces low.
  • card five drops on card six
  • 2.) Click on a face-down card to flip it into play
  • flip a card by clicking on it
  • 3.) Drag (or double-click) Aces to the "Suite Stacks" at the top
  • in solitaire, you put the card up top
  • 4.) Click the deck (top-left) to cycle through its cards.
  • click on the deck of cards
  • 5.) Drag Kings onto empty card stacks.
  • king can be moved to an open space in the card game
  • card takes vacant space
  • 6.) The object of the game is to get all the cards into the Suite Stacks at the top. Once the an Ace is in its Suite Stack, you can place additional cards of the same suite in that Suite Stack. The card must always be one greater than the current top card of the Suite Stack (2 goes on Ace, 5 goes on 3, king goes on queen, etc.)
  • how to beat card game solitaire

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